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LILO Bootloader for GNU/Linux

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The development of LILO as classic bootloader for GNU/Linux systems was restarted in June 2010. Because of the simpleness LILO has some advantages comparing with Grub and Grub2. Nowadays LILO is not the bootloader for all situations. But LILO is longtime proved and stable. And it comes with basic GPT and RAID support.

NOTE: I plan to finish development of LILO at 12/2015 because of some limitations (e.g. with BTFS, GPT, RAID). If someone want to develop this nice software further, please let me know ...

Last messages

2014-10-17    New release with version 24.1.
2013-06-07    New release with version 24.0
2011-04-09    New release with version 23.2
2010-11-04    New release with version 23.1
2010-06-28    New release with version 23.0
2010-06-19    Many updates in the git repository.
2010-06-06    Initial restart of development of LILO.

Downloading current packages

Lilo 24.1 : Source package and Patchset package.


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